Vidya Saraswathy Acadamy

Demo2 first
Trees Planting in Government school campus.
Demo2 fourth
Thirukkural books to Government School students.
Demo2 fourth
Skills development program to Government School students.
Demo2 fourth
To Motivate District Toppers with cash prize and Tree Plant through District Collector.
Demo2 fourth
To Encourage Corporation school Students with cash prize through Corporation Commissioner.
Demo2 fourth
Road Safety and Clean Environment awareness at Main Junctions.

    Guided and driven by years of enriching experience, after humongous efforts, we have chartered a comprehensive training programme to inculcate ethical & human values by simple guidance and self training procedures.

About Us

Aim , To Improve Individual Intelligence



    Vidya Saraswathy Academy Promotes excellence through learning and experience by providing different type of training opportunities with accredited skills that are well recognized, relevant to the present and future.



    Central to our educational and physical related training ethos is our desire to assist students in developing positive attitudes to their academic pursuits, high standards and expectations towards harnessing their full potential to attain a wholesome personal development. Vidya Saraswathy Academy’s student- focused approach recognizes the individual needs and interests and seeks to enhance their inherent skills and potential in order to encourage health & autonomy.

We believe that Values

  • Healthy life, Innovation, Integrity
  • High standards and pursuit of excellence are essential

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Aim to Improve Individual Intelligence




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